Man I would have liked to become friends with them. They were the chillest guys. One was Puerto Rican! I never meet Puerto Ricans

Get rid of your ego because it’s bullshit

They had parakeets and I asked what they were named and the guy playing GTA laughed and said the names were “Luffy” and “Nami” and it was perfect

Today I was doing a public health like surveying thing by going door to door and asking people about ways the town could improve their access to groceries and it was really cool—I met tons of people and they were all mad nice. I was doing it with a friend of mine. We were sitting in these two guys’s living room and like chillin but also doing the survey and it was really nice. One was playing GTA and the other was chillin. Anyway we were talking about smoking and one of them was like “I know you’re on duty but do you want a hit?” And I declined but thought it was like mad funny/nice. Because it was. And then my friend when we left like made some negative remark about him for it and I was like what the fuck are you judging him for? Do you think you’re better?

I am sick and tired of judgmental people

The Grand Budapest Hotel Interior 1968

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Marina And The Diamonds // I Am Not A Robot (Unplugged)

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ArtistMarina & the Diamonds
TitleI Am Not A Robot (Unplugged)

i woke up to so many texts from people tryna day drink i love spring semester






i have had it



we’re married now 

I thought this was me for the longest time I never saw someone who looks so much like me naked. 


'you don't look gay'

will i look gay when i’m going down on ur girl 

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you know why roseanne is god damn incredible? theres several fucking episodes where the LIGHTS ARE OUT and they’re just living and it’s a little sad but mostly funny

and it’s like

stop telling me i’m miraculous for getting where i am from where i was because you’re acting as if my whole life before this moment is something i needed saving from

i really liked playing in garbage

you can’t tell me my life was terrible because of that

i would be lying if i said i wasn’t about to go find the roseanne opening theme on youtube

there are so many more just monumentally hot people in college than in high school